Transparency improvement potentials through Location Based Services in a cross company delivery process

Nikolaus Tellian

Research output: Types of ThesesMaster's Thesis / Diploma Thesis


This thesis focuses on the performance improvements of Location Based Services in the cross delivery process through the application of mobile devices. Due to the appliance of proprietary and not interconnected IT systems in companies, arise media breaks and as a consequence no continuous information flow along processes. The interruption of information flows make processes non transparent and therefore increase the uncertainty within the supply chain. The trend towards smart phones and constant internet access make the availability of location- and content related information pervasive. Hence, LBS can be utilized in modern tracking and tracing systems to monitor vehicles in real time and also the goods loaded. With the integrated navigation systems in mobile devices it is also predict the estimated time of arrival and react appropriate on unexpected events (e.g. traffic jams) All the data can be shared with other participants what significantly improves the transparency for the whole supply chain. The thesis consists of seven chapters that focus on the characters, qualitative criteria and key performance indicators of a delivery process and the value of information sharing in the supply chain. Furthermore it is demonstrated to what extend the application of Location Based Service can facilitate the monitoring of goods in a delivery process. In addition, it will be shown what impact Location Based Services have on the improvement of the transparency in the delivery process The first part encompasses a detailed description of the practical project “Digital Yard and Truck Guide”. The author gives an overview of tracking and tracking systems and their interaction with supply chain event management systems. The second part elaborates the theoretical interaction of tracking and tracing, supply chain event management and Location Based Services. The outcome of the thesis is, that through the appliance of LBS there are new performance indicators measureable in the delivery process. Furthermore it enables SCEM to react much earlier and makes process disorders visible. Generally speaking, LBS improves the transparency of the supply chain and the controllability of processes what is an enormous contribution to the agility of all participants
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011


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