Modelling of Phase Diagrams and Continuous Cooling Transformation Diagrams of Medium Manganese Steels

Jakub Dykas, Ludovic Samek, Adam Grajcar, Aleksandra Kozłowska

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The aim of this manuscript was to study the influence of alloying elements on the phase transformation behavior in advanced high-strength multiphase steels. Continuous cooling transformation (CCT) and time–temperature–transformation (TTT) diagrams were calculated to analyze the stability of phases at variable time–temperature processing parameters. The analyzed materials were lean-alloyed transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) medium manganese steels. The simulations of the phase diagrams, the stability of the phases during simulated heat treatments, and the chemical composition evolution diagrams were made using Thermo-Calc and JMatPro material simulation softwares. The influence of alloying elements, i.e., Mn and C, were studied in detail. The computational and modelling results allowed the influence of alloying elements on equilibrium and non-equilibrium phase diagrams and microstructural and chemical composition evolutions to be studied. Good symmetry and correlation between computational softwares were achieved. The study allows for future optimization of the heat-treatment temperature and time conditions of modern medium-Mn automotive sheet steels.

Original languageEnglish
Article number381
Number of pages1
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2023


  • advanced high-strength steel
  • austenite transformation
  • computational thermodynamics
  • JMatPro
  • phase transformation
  • Thermo-Calc


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