método para usar a capacidade das instalações em uma área de esqui, uma feira, um parque de diversões ou um estádio.

Haidacher Martin (Inventor), Schlechter Thomas (Inventor)

Research output: Patent / Technischer StandardPatent


a method is proposed for using the capacity of facilities in a ski area, a trade fair, an amusement park, or a stadium, within the scope of which the current position and the motion profile of all persons present in the region of the ski area, the trade fair, the amusement park, or the stadium is detected, wherein a people map is provided on a server which corresponds to the spatial distribution of the persons, wherein by means of the spatial distribution of persons as a function of time, a motion profile of the persons is provided, wherein depending on the current position of the present persons, the motion profile of the present persons, and the current use of the facilities, all or individual persons obtain information generated by the server that can effect a redirection of said persons, by means of which the use of the capacity of the installations can be optimized.

Original languageSpanish
Patent numberBR102017026200
IPCG06Q 50/ 28 A I
Priority date29.12.2016
Publication statusPublished - 17 Jul 2018

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