Estimation of the Shear Viscosity of Mixed-Polymer Materials for Screw Extrusion-Based Recycling Process Modeling

Christian Kneidinger, Emil Wagner, Manuel Längauer, Gernot Zitzenbacher

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


The scope of this work is the development of a method to estimate the temperature and shear rate-dependent viscosity of mixtures composed of two polymers. The viscosity curve of polymer mixtures is crucial for the modeling and optimization of extrusion-based recycling, which is the most efficient way to recycle polymeric materials. The modeling and simulation of screw extruders requires detailed knowledge of the properties of the processed material, such as the thermodynamic properties, the density, and the rheological behavior. These properties are widely known for pure materials; however, the incorporation of impurities, like other polymers in recycled materials, alters the properties. In this work, miscible, immiscible, and compatibilized immiscible polymer mixtures are considered. A new method based on shear stress is proposed and compared to the shear rate-based method. Several mixing rules are evaluated for their accuracy in predicting mixture viscosity. The developed methods allow the prediction of the viscosity of a compatibilized immiscible mixture with deviations below 5% and that of miscible polymer mixtures with deviations below 3.5%.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1339
Number of pages23
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - May 2024


  • blends
  • capillary rheometry
  • extrusion
  • polyamide 12
  • polymer recycling
  • polypropylene
  • predictive modeling
  • rheological properties


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