Competence development and organizations, level of competitiveness

Horst Treiblmaier, Bernd Simon

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This paper provides a framework for analyzing competitiveness and competences. What is competitiveness and how could it be obtained? How competences should be developed in organizations? Whichcompetences are more relevant for competing successfully, human capital or technological competences? Arethere any correlations between these variables? This paper aims to summarize the results of our empirical studyconducted in Romania and to answer all the above questions. It also aims to present our view regardingcompetitive positions. Of course, each organization, s competitiveness level depends not only on their owncompetence development proce, but also on competitors and their strategies. Dynamics is a main issue thatwas taken into account when developing our model. The model was tested on a sample of 98 Romanianorganizations from different fields of activity. Intelligent organizations can develop useful competencesi ashorter period and/or at a higher level than competitors do. The main idea of our model is just a basic one:organizations need to become more and more intelligent.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 2010
EventConference on Modern Problems of Enterprise Management: Theory and Practice - Kharkov, Ukraine
Duration: 15 Nov 201016 Nov 2010


ConferenceConference on Modern Problems of Enterprise Management: Theory and Practice


  • Human capital
  • Organizations, competitiveness
  • Strategy
  • Technological competences


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