Carbon Footprint Calculation of Catalytic Converter Production - An Industrial Case Study

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The carbon footprint calculation of a catalytic converter coating process at Heraeus Precious Metals is presented in this publication. The emission hot spots are identified and discussed. Heraeus Precious Metals is a German world-wide leading company in the field of precious metal products and Tier-1 Supplier of emission catalytic converter coatings. In the first step of the carbon footprint calculation, all relevant raw materials and production process steps of the coating process are collected and modelled by use of a flowchart. In this case study the manufacturing of the metal honeycomb carrier is not included in the calculation. Transport emissions from the origin of the raw materials to the manufacturing plant of Heraeus Precious Metals in Germany are also considered in the carbon footprint calculation. Included activities for the production of the washcoat dispersion are the mixing of all components by use of an electric agitator and the grinding of the mixture by use of an electric mill. Further, multiple coating processes of the honeycomb carrier and the subsequent drying in a belt drier are considered. Finally, the catalytic converter is tempered in an electric oven. The calculation results are analyzed, and emission hotspots are identified. The calculated carbon footprint reveals several optimization potentials for carbon emission reduction in the catalytic converter production. It can be concluded that the main source of carbon dioxide emission are the raw material extraction emissions of the precious metals platinum and rhodium. Regarding the production processes, the thermal processes provide the highest potential for optimization.

Original languageEnglish
JournalSAE Technical Papers
Publication statusPublished - 9 Jan 2022
EventSAE 26th Small Powertrains and Energy Systems Technology Conference, SETC 2022 - Himeji, Japan
Duration: 31 Oct 20223 Nov 2022


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