Baubiologische Messtechniken (Datenbank LQG)

Translated title of the contribution: Building Biology Testing Methods (Database LQG)

Herbert Claus Leindecker, Felix Heisinger

Research output: Working paperWorking paper/discussion paper


Building on a high technical level is nowadays standard in Austria. A few years ago the passive house standard was a technology of the future which has since become standard procedure. An important part to optimize the energy efficiency and the living comfort is the use of building physical measurements. For a widespread quality management biological building measurement has now become the centre of attention. To cover this theme in a comprehensive way the “standard of building biological measurements” is useful. This standard is divided in three main parts and 18 secondary parts to cover nearly all the important measurements. The three parts are fields/waves/radiation, pollutants/indoor toxins/indoor climate and fungi´s/bacteria/ allergens. In Austria four of these topics are of a higher interest. These topics are Radon, mould, particles and volatile organic compounds. Radon is a widespread problem especially in Austria and additionally in Upper Austria. Till now this problem has been dealt with in different physical researches but not in constructional engineering studies. The topic of particle counting is especially interesting for job monitoring. Mould is an explosive topic because it is often caused by structural mistakes. VOC is a neglected theme which is increasingly of interest. Particularly prefabricated houses are liable for high voc levels. The main aim of this thesis is the general handling of the main topics to aquire an overview of the different biological building problems and the different measuring systems. The four points of interest are worked out in detail. For these topics different measuring instruments should be compared and evaluated. Towards the end the thesis focuses on the connection between energy efficient buildings and building physical measurements. This is necessary to have a full quality protection.
Translated title of the contributionBuilding Biology Testing Methods (Database LQG)
Original languageGerman
Number of pages105
Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • Baubiologie
  • Messtechnik
  • Gesundheit
  • Innenraumluft


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