Basic architecture of the semantically enriched e-working platform

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The term crowdsourcing denotes the outsourcing of tasks for division of labour to a large number of individuals who offer their skills, capacities and intelligence via the internet. Currently these are mostly intrinsically motivated amateurs, who often complete diverse jobs with no or low remuneration. The main intention of the project Semantically Enriched E-Working Platform (SEEWOP) is to make crowdsourcing to an attractive offer for enterprises as e-working method for special fields of activity in addition to conventional working methods. For this purpose Web 2.0 will be combined with Semantic Web technologies, enabling the annotation of tasks and their specifications, e-workers and their qualifications as well as results and their quality in machine processable form. Therefore, adequate vocabularies and ontologies have to be designed to enable automatic and intelligent division of tasks within the eworker community. Additionally, a semantic description of processes and rules for routine jobs will be developed.


  • Crowdsourcing
  • E-work
  • Semantic web


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