AutoMart Ltd: How to measure business performance and set benchmarks in dealership business: Case Study

Christian Stadlmann, Patrick Grinell

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Purpose/Aim – This case study aims at understanding simple management accounts in the automotive dealership business. Participants shall be able to identify and interpret some automotive-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) which can be used to monitor the performance of the overall business and the contribution from the activities of each department. The case study is designed to add financial management content within marketing or sales programs. Short summary – A car dealer faces performance problems due to sharp and continuous decline in new car sales. Participating in an automotive dealer conference organized by the supplying manufacturer with the theme: ‘Surviving Pressure on Sales’ the owner recognizes the need to investigate a list of KPIs to identify the areas for potential improvement. Furthermore, the dealer recognizes the need to introduce regular reports monitoring this set of KPIs and to measure progress against planned targets (Budgets). Design/Teaching outline: The case study can be used in two standard 90 minutes faculty sessions. In the introduction session the case study storyboard is followed by an analysis of the performance issues discovered at a dealer conference. Participants will be invited to watch the video interview to gain more detail on these issues. The video is designed to introduce some key principles and content of business management reports; it gives context but not full and detailed explanation. In the second session the detail of the KPIs are explained including their calculation, what they measure and what operational factors influence them. A “live BM Report” from the local market showing local performance levels facilitates the discussion. Finally, students are asked to comment or prepare a written analysis of their observations with particular reference to performance improvement opportunities.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationConference Proceedings of "Seeking Dealership Excellence Through Research and Training"
Publication statusPublished - 2014
EventSeeking Dealership Excellence Through Research and Training - Ancona, Italy
Duration: 11 Sept 201412 Sept 2014


ConferenceSeeking Dealership Excellence Through Research and Training


  • Automotive Industry
  • Marketing
  • Distribution Management
  • Case Study


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