Augmented Reality Frameworks

Translated title of the contribution: Augmented Reality Frameworks

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There are different frameworks for the area of the currently omnipresent technology Augmented Reality which support developers creating an application in this domain with various for this area suitable functionalities. This paper deals with the definition and the fundamentals of Augmented Reality. Afterwards there is given a differentiation to the related technology Virtual Reality, to come over to an explanation of the technical basis in terms of software as well as hardware, to well-known problems associated with the use of Augmented Reality systems. Based on this knowledge there follows the definition of Augmented Reality Frameworks, the various basic components and a small selection of design patterns which are implemented by several software modules. Furthermore, an overview of existing solutions from various manufacturers will be discussed after passing on typical functionalities which are provided by several of these frameworks. Finally, based on predefined premises the frameworks Vuforia and Kudan AR Engine are selected, will be explained with the aid of prototypes and are compared in a final chapter in the disciplines of marker-based and marker-less tracking. With the actual question of this elaborate (Which AR-frameworks exist and which functionality do those covers?) as ubiquitous problem statement, the attention should be drawn to differences which may be important in the implementation of applications in the field of Augmented Reality to create a technical fundamental as well as a basis for conceptual understanding.
Translated title of the contributionAugmented Reality Frameworks
Original languageGerman
PublisherFH OÖ
Number of pages62
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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