A Decade of NeuroIS Research: Progress, Challenges, and Future Directions

René Riedl, Thomas Fischer, Pierre-Majorique Léger, Fred D. Davis

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NeuroIS is a field in Information Systems (IS) that makes use of neuroscience and neurophysiological tools and knowledge to better understand the development, adoption, and impact of information and communication technologies. The fact that NeuroIS now exists for more than a decade motivated us to comprehensively review the academic literature. Investigation of the field's development provides insights into the status of NeuroIS, thereby contributing to identity development in the NeuroIS field. Based on a review of N=200 papers published in 55 journals and 13 conference proceedings in the period 2008-2017, we addressed the following four research questions: Which NeuroIS topics were investigated? What kind of NeuroIS research was published? How was the empirical NeuroIS research conducted? Who published NeuroIS research? Based on a discussion of the findings and their implications for future research, which considers results of a recent NeuroIS survey (N=60 NeuroIS scholars), we conclude that today NeuroIS can be considered an established research field in the IS discipline. However, our review also indicates that further efforts are necessary to advance the field, both from a theoretical and methodological perspective.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)13-54
Number of pages42
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2020


  • brain
  • information systems
  • literature review
  • neurois
  • neuroscience


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