WePAD - WePAD - Web Personalization Through Analysis of Implicit Data

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     In order to personalize web-based systems there exist content-based (e.g., through keyword or text analysis) as well as collaborative (e.g., collaborative filtering) approaches. User data that are acquired explicitly and/or implicitly can serve as a basis for user models. Implicit data involve interaction data that can be collected on the client-side via JavaScript (e.g., different kinds of events such as mouse clicks, text selections).

    The project WePAD deals with the analysis of implicit information gained through the analysis of website usage data, aiming at personalization of information offered on the web.

    Within the project, a web-based system will be conceptualized and prototypically developed that maintains web content and records and analyzes user interaction using client-side web technologies. The prototype is then used to evaluate the underlying concepts (e.g., derivation of user interest from interaction data) but also personalization concepts in general (e.g., recommendation).

    Short titleWePAD
    Effective start/end date01.10.201730.06.2018


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