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A successful exploitation of ""big data"" in companies and organizations requires the interactive visualization of large information spaces with intuitive interaction techniques. However, many suppliers of ""big data"" solutions (e.g. software developers or consultancies) have only limited experience with user-centered design of interactive visualizations for PCs, mobile devices, and large high-resolution displays - particulary with respect to optimizing the design of visualizations and interaction techniques according to human cognitive abilites.

The COIN project User-Centered Interactive Visualization for ""Big Data"" (USIVIS) establishes the necessary R&D expertise and infrastructure at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria to enable the transfer of research results from information visualization and human-computer interaction into the practice of ""big data"" visualization in companies and organizations. The goal is a fundamental improvement of the support for decision making by designing novel visualization and interaction techniques and studying their usability, user experience, and practical relevance including eye-tracking and electroencephalography studies.

Establishing this new interdisciplinary expertise in new research groups will internationally position the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria as a key partner for the user- and task-oriented design of ""big data"" visualization for practical applications.

Short titleUSIVIS: User-Centered Interactive Visualization for Big Data
Effective start/end date01.12.201630.11.2020

Funding agency

  • COIN Cooperation & Innovation


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