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The Internet of Things (IoT) will transform business processes and the economy as a whole in a profound way. With the possibility to gather data from machines and production plants and to exchange them within companies and with external partners such as clients or suppliers new services and products as well as business models will arise. However, in the industrial application reliable, secure and affordable IoT solutions especially for SME do not exist on the market so far. Therefore, the existing plants and machinery are mostly not yet connected to the internet and cannot profit from the business potentials of the IoT

With regard to this unsatisfying situation, the project partners - Abatec, an Upper Austrian electronics company, and Creative BITS, an IoT expert, together with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria – intend to develop a „connectivity modul“ that will act as an integrative and at the same time autonomous communication unit for industrial applications. This „Universal Data Bridge for IoT Applications (UDB-IoT)“ might be used in existing plants and machines as well as in new installations and shall be produced at an affordable price.

Performance objectives of this data bridge will be the integration of existing machinery into networks and the interoperability, compatibility and security of systems. Therefore IoT applications can be developed furtheron on basis of the existing machinery and new business models will be designed and evaluated for different industries and fields of application.
Short titleUDB-IoT
Effective start/end date01.05.201730.04.2019


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