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Within the Regio 13 project ""Transplant - markers for humoral and cellular rejection after renal transplantation"" (Lead: Blutzentrale of the OÖRK) we research whether and how next-generation sequencing (NGS) of B and T cell receptors to suitable to examine the state of kidney grafts quickly and more specifically. The goal is a significant improvement in graft monitoring and increasing the life span of transplanted organs.

The goal of members of the Bioinformatics research group in this project is the development and implementation of algorithms for the assignment of gene sequences to specific gene groups in order to make a statement about the genetic variation spectrum of existing immune cells. Based on data from the IMGT database of one or more dominant clones are identified; if the frequency of a clone differs significantly from others, then is a sign that either a directed (e.g. organ rejection) or an undirected (e.g. lymphoma) proliferation of a B or T cell is detected.
Short titleTransplant
Effective start/end date01.09.201331.12.2014


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