TIMed 2022++ - Technological innovation in medicine 2022++

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Based on the research results achieved since its foundation in 2016, the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences Center of Excellence for Technical Innovation in Medicine (TIMed CENTER) is dedicating the TIMed 2022++ project to new research questions and problems in the six interdisciplinary TIMed CENTER research fields (1) Data Science and Systems Engineering, (2) Biomedical Sensor Technology, (3) Biomimetics and Material Development, (4) High-Resolution Imaging, (5) Medical Simulators and (6) Drug Characterisation.
For their further advancement, work packages on the topics of (1) Computational Immunology & Proteomics, (2) Biofunctional Surfaces, (3) Natural Agents, (4) High-Resolution Imaging and Simulation, (5) Process Intelligence and Conformance Auditing, (6) Smart Textiles for Mobile Electroimpedance Tomography and (7) Smart Materials and Instruments for Surgical Simulators will be put together and realised.
The TIMed 2022++ project thus addresses not only the goals and current priorities from the #upperVISION2030 field of action "Systems & Technologies for People" but also from the field of action "Digital Transformation" (with a focus on safe, reliable and trustworthy medical technology).
Short titleTIMed 2022++
Effective start/end date01.01.202231.12.2025

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