SMARTER - Slope Maintenance Automation using Real-Time Telecommunication and advanced Environment Recognition

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The Project SMARTER is dealing with complex problems that arise when automated utility vehicles and machinery are used in public space near roads. The basic regulations and requirements in connection with mowing in embankments along traffic routes are to be identified for the development of suitable safety and operating concepts. Safety-compatible components are also assessed, selected and used as part of an integrated security concept. The aim is to further develop an existing automation kit towards using the system without local monitoring.
In addition to the basic security mechanisms, concepts for increasing application-dependent situational awareness based on Machine Learning methods are examined. This is intended to increase the efficiency when using mobile systems and to promote their cost-effectiveness. It also examines whether concepts such as Transfer Learning are suitable for generating customized solutions for specific operational design domains (ODDs).

The use of 5G telecommunication technologies will also play an important role in the future use of mobile systems. The latest infrastructure components and suitable mobile equipment are to be tested and evaluated for use on automated machines. Suitable transmission concepts for sensor and telemetry data as well as for teleoperation in emergency situations are also being researched. The combination of the technologies and systems investigated represents a new and promising concept of how efficient and safe solutions based on automated vehicles can be implemented in the future, even in off-road environments. The evaluation and demonstration of the project results takes place both in controlled test environments and in the real application area.
Short titleSMARTER
Effective start/end date01.01.202130.06.2022

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  • Mobilität der Zukunft


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