SENDER - Sustainable consumer engagement and demand response

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The SENDER project is an innovation project presented to a call in the Horizon 2020 programme, which is the largest EU research and innovation programme ever. The project answers the topic ‘Consumer engagement and demand response’. SENDER will develop the next generation of energy service applications for demand-response, home-automation, -convenience and -security. It puts consumers at the heart of the energy market by engaging them in a co-creation process with other actors from the energy domain. The idea behind the project is related to the context of continuously increasing, highly distributed renewable generation. Grid operators require more flexibility from the grid, to balance the increase of uncontrollable Renewable Energy Source production. Consumers are at the core of the energy system and thus at the centre of developing Demand Response services. These services are expected to massively increase the efficiency and hosting capacity of distribution networks in the mid-term. It will allow for the utilization of flexibility in the distribution grid which will serve to improve frequency stability and congestion management,Grid operators are the second group of SENDER core beneficiaries. The project results will increase the efficiency and hosting capacity of distribution grids by improving the quality of load forecasts and by providing access to load flexibility. This will allow to improve frequency stability, congestion management and increased Renewable Energy Source integration. In addition, monetarization on the flexibility potential will be provided by the participation in balancing and regulatory power markets.
Short titleSENDER
Effective start/end date01.10.202030.09.2024

Funding agency

  • Horizon 2020: EU Programme for Research and Innovation


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