RESTORE - Effects from different energy storage technologies on sector-coupled energy systems

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Goals and innovation content
In the present project the question “What effects do different energy storage
technologies have on sector-coupled energy systems” should be dealt with. To be
able to carry out a holistic view, it is necessary to simulate all levels of the energy
system considered. The different network dynamic, as well as the high computing
and simulation effort, are currently a particular challenge. Therefore, a model needs
to be developed with enables the possibility to efficiently simulate the different
network levels (spatial resolution) and the different dynamics (temporal resolution)
of the various sectors. To answer the research question, various energy storage
technologies have to be integrated into the developed model. A further innovative
content is therefore seen in the integration of different energy storages. So far,
mainly electrical storages have been considered. So in this project thermal,
mechanical and substantial storages should also be considered.
Short titleRESTORE
Effective start/end date01.10.202330.09.2026

Funding agency

  • Dissertationsprogramm der Fachhochschule OÖ


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