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Knowledge about the possibilities and the handling of data plays an increasingly important role in the industrial environment - alongside numerous other areas of the economy and society. Managers in companies are increasingly faced with the challenges of having to make data-based decisions without understanding or being able to comprehend the background of the complex data analysis and visualization processes on the one hand, and on the other hand to expand, transform or even revolutionize their business models taking available data into account. The goal of the project is therefore to provide decision makers and generalists, primarily from the industrial environment, with an overview of different methods and techniques for data analysis and visualization, so that they can better understand the interrelationships, and to sensitize them, in terms of Data Driven Business, to how available data can be used to transform existing business models into innovative new ones.
Short titleQSemIDM
Effective start/end date01.12.202030.11.2021

Funding agency

  • FFG R&D Competences for Industry Qualification seminars


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