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Despite the increasing automation and therefore increased use of robots and machines, people are still a vital factor in manufacturing companies today. One strength of human resources is amongst others their high flexibility. Staff is able to learn new tasks or improve existing ones through constant qualification. However, the human factor is often ignored in analysing and optimizing production systems. At manufacturing locations like Upper Austria, the availability of specialists and efficient employees is considered as competitive advantage for firms. The project aims at investigating new approaches for optimized human resource development. Simulation, optimization and data analysis are combined to a new planning and analysis tool. Potentials of integrated personnel and production planning are highlighted through the application in two different manufacturing companies in Upper Austria.

Novel optimization algorithms suggest qualification matrices, which lead to improved company key figures in the simulated evaluation. For personnel planning, optimized development strategies can be derived. Connections between qualification matrices and production performance indicators will be made identifiable and interpretable with data analysis methods. For example, the question whether personnel should be qualified more broadly or more specially should be answered in this project.

Through the usage of the established software tool SimGen, manufacturing systems are transferred into a simulation model. Degrees of freedom in qualifications are used within automatic methods of simulation-based optimization in order to improve production figures. The participating partners in this project FH OÖ, E+E Elektronik and technosert joined together in order to combine their profound experience and necessary infrastructure to enhance research in this area.

This planned project forms the basis for long-term evaluation of the labour market as well as identifying requirements for education institutions. Optimal Workforce makes a significant contribution to improving the manufacturing location Upper Austria.
Short titleOptimal Workforce
Effective start/end date01.11.201701.05.2021

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  • Förderungen für Digitalisierung in OÖ


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