OptiCloud - Interdisciplinary consideration and design of optimal "private clouds"

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According to leading market analysts, cloud computing is one of the most important ICT topics of the next few years. The fact is that cloud computing will find its way into companies and change both information infrastructures and the associated business processes and models. Science and practice are therefore equally challenged to deal with this new technology.

The research project aims at a holistic view of "private cloud" infrastructures for optimal enterprise use. In the project, the scientific-theoretical fundamentals associated with new technology will be researched from economic, social, organizational and ecological points of view with the aim of explaining the diffusion and acceptance of the still young cloud computing technology and being able to design it optimally in interdisciplinary corporate use. Besides addressing scientific theory and methods (e.g. Diffusion of Innovation Theory, Technology Acceptance Model), the technical challenge consists in an optimization task with respect to location of virtual machines (VMs), observed network communication and additional factors such as temperature and power consumption.

Due to the relatively low demands on the company's own ICT, the high scalability and great flexibility, the topic of cloud computing is of particular interest to SMEs. The research project therefore addresses all Upper Austrian companies equally and involves companies in the analysis of requirements for models and methods, risk analysis and evaluation of technical predevelopments, among other things.
Short titleOptiCloud
Effective start/end date01.08.201231.12.2014