MOBILE.OLD - MOBILE.OLD - Residential & Outdoor Services Advancing the Mobility of Older Persons

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This research project aims to provide a combined smartphone and TV-based service infrastructure with residential and outdoor services that will be delivered in a highly personalised and intuitive way and will advance the mobility of elderly people. The services will be provided in a cost-effective way aiming at independent living and sustained mobility, maintaining the health status, providing cognitive benefits, and thus preventing isolation, depression and loneliness.

Within the project MOBILE.OLD, an open platform and services advancing the mobility of elderly people will be developed. The focus will be on the development of the following four main categories of services:

• Informational services for assisting mobility, i.e. services that filter out, either ""passively"" or ""actively"", existing information related to mobility.
• Travel and transport services, i.e. services enhancing trans-national mobility.
• Services for cognitive impaired people, i.e. services assisting the mobility of older persons suffering from cognitive impairments.
• Physical and mobility training services, i.e. services maintaining good health status as well as cognitive games assisting in overcoming situations that elderly people may encounter when being mobile.

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria will contribute to the fourth category of services by developing a set of mobile applications. These applications will allow elderly people to prepare for certain mobility situations in advance on the one hand, and they will provide situation-dependent assistance when the elderly person is mobile on the other hand.
Short titleMOBILE.OLD
Effective start/end date01.06.201231.05.2014


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