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In the future, we will encounter and live together with (humanoid) robots in everyday situations. These systems are also increasingly finding their way into our working world. They promise to make our lives easier and provide us with assistance, and in the future they should be a constant companion and part of our lives without overwhelming us.

In order to achieve seamless integration into everyday working life and processes, an interplay of many disciplines such as human-machine interaction (HMI), artificial intelligence (AI) and the human factor is necessary. In this project, a first step in this direction will be taken. It will investigate how robots and digital assistants can be used and integrated in office and administrative environments. Selected tasks are to be taken over by a robot or digital assistant.

The aim of the project is to implement a digital assistant and robot platform to support everyday work in office and administrative environments at the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences.
Short titleMARIE
Effective start/end date01.05.202330.04.2025

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