LoLaMBra - LOG-Kooperative Last Mile Branchenlogistik

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Within the project, a collaborative operating model and organizational concept for the last mile logistics industry is being developed, with the aim to consolidate the flow of goods into or out of the city. The approach is based on a ""Preferred Logistics Partner"" model. Logistics partners who want to participate in the KoLaMBra system must meet specific organizational, environmental and social conditions that are predetermined by the city council, and are thus subject to a certification process. In return, they are listed as preferred partner and benefit not only by the allocation of orders through the system but also by further favorable conditions (e.g., extended delivery time windows). To meet the specific requirements of certain industry sectors (e.g., in terms of transport equipment, delivery times, etc.), specialized logistics partners are involved in the system.

The special feature here is the fact that no new goods distribution centers need to be created. The logistics partners that are involved into the cooperation model bring their existing resources into the system. This will cause a better utilization of transport capacities, a reduction of trips, a reduction of the environmental pollution in the cities as well as a reduction of the kilometers travelled. The communication between shippers, forwarders and logistics service providers is through a virtual communication platform by means of which delivery data and other information (delivery status information, delivery notes, invoices) can be interchanged easily and in real time. The tariff arrangement is co-operative, which means that benefits are shared adequately to all the partners involved.
Short titleLoLaMBra
Effective start/end date01.09.201328.02.2015

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  • Mobilität der Zukunft


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