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The aim is to reduce traffic density by using a prospectively integrated system for autonomous general cargo, luggage and package transport and simultaneously promote
passenger traffic by developing a system for public freight traffic. Passengers will be getting rid of their luggage as well as passenger traffic and freight mobility are going to be installed
at once. In order to realise this goals, the research project smartBOX will provide concepts regarding the following system components:

Conception of a standardised dual-use container with an intelligent control system and user security access. (=the “smartBOX”)

Development of a pool system in order to provide availability, exploitation and control of the smartBOX regarding B2B as well as private passenger traffic by using electronic tracking&tracing methods and web-based communication technologies.

Conception of extensively used vandalism proof pick up and dropping terminals in public areas as well as housing complexes. Adaption for freight transfer in the B2B sector.

Conception of an encroached, intermodal transport system which will realise and bundle transport requirements in order to prevent multiple trips.

Conception of IT-functionality by considering transparency and data privacy for decentralised autonomous subsystems.

Conception of business models to provide favourable and distance-related transportation rates, cover service-provider expenses and combine with presently used systems.

The aim of the research project smartBOX is to document the challenges, technical and economic opportunities and feasibility of an intelligent system for freight mobility and serve
as a basis for following implementation.
Short titleLOG-smartBOX
Effective start/end date01.09.201431.08.2016

Funding agency

  • Mobilität der Zukunft


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