LiSeGMo - LOG-LiSeGMo - Linking Services Güter Mobilität

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Several service providers offer proprietary solutions for freight mobility, interfaces between different transport modes are scarcely available. Seamless services along freight transport corridors do not exist. Only proprietary solutions enable exchange of data and services in freight transport hubs. At this point exchange as well as linking and bundling of ready-made services shall form the basis for a better management along multimodal freight transport corridors.

In order to foster the introduction of bundled services, the study LiSeGMo (Linking Services der Gütermobilität) will investigate and provide answers to the following important questions concerning framework conditions in freight mobility.

• Which barriers exist for data and information access in transport economy and logistics?
• Which potential can be perceived for linking diverse services in freight mobility ?
• Which non-regulative incentives could improve data and information access in transport economy and logistics?
• Under which conditions are data owners and service providers willing to share their input with third parties?
• What could specific business models for cooperative data and information usage look like? Are there examples emerging from other sectors, where this concept is already being successfully implemented?

Based on the experience of previous projects, project partners will work out several concepts for combined / linked services in freight mobility. A specific case study of a process chain from transport economy and logistics will be selected. Using this case study, the derived concepts will be illustrated and thus made tangible and applicable for the freight transport sector.
Short titleLiSeGMo
Effective start/end date01.03.201728.02.2018


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