Interreg Kleinprojekt Netzwerk Moor AT-CZ - Establishment of an international network for the protection and sustainable use of peatlands on the AT-CZ border.

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    While bogs have been characteristic landscape elements in the regions of the Bohemian region such as the Austrian Mühlviertel, Waldviertel and Southern Bohemia since the last Ice Age, today they have shrunk to a few remnants. However, especially in the border regions of Austria and the Czech Republic, many small bogs and swamp areas have survived.
    The aim of this small project is to network the experts and stakeholders of these remaining moor landscapes in a cross-border initiative. There are already several EU projects on this topic, which serve as a basis for this project. Furthermore, by means of drone-supported vegetation mapping, parts that are particularly worth protecting or seeing are to be identified and assessed and evaluated by means of soil microbiome analysis.
    Short titleInterreg Kleinprojekt Netzwerk Moor AT-CZ
    Effective start/end date19.05.2022 → 18.07.2022

    Funding agency

    • Interreg - Austria-Czech Republic 2014-2020


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