Interreg CCCN - Cross-cultural communication network

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The aim of the project is to start a new long-term cross-border cooperation between two universities in Vysočina and in Upper Austria, which will implement a systematic and long-term
cooperation of institutions in the border region AT-CZ implemented. The achievement of the project goal is based on the need for the participating universities to work together in order to use the mutual knowledge and experience of the partners in the fields of education, internationalization, digitalization and connection to practice.
In the newly created network of the two universities, intercultural training concepts will be developed jointly by the two partners. These training concepts will be adapted to the different target groups (universities, schools, vocational schools and companies).
Based on the knowledge gained in the project, practice-oriented seminars on the topic of intercultural competence will be developed and offered at different educational levels.
Short titleInterreg CCCN
Effective start/end date01.10.202131.12.2022

Funding agency

  • Interreg - Austria-Czech Republic 2014-2020


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