Industrial Services – Training Concepts

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The project ServTrain has been initiated due to numerous developments in services and their market potential. In the area of ??skill-intensive services, sales, cultural specific marketing, systematic management, the organizational integration of the services and the establishment of a service culture are often a major challenge for production companies in Upper Austria. An ESIC study showed lacks in the field of knowledge and transfer – here upper Austrian industrial companies are clearly below the EU average. Thus, the aim of this project was to improve the quality of industrial and industry related services as well as the on-site availability of services on the defined target markets of the project. Taking into account intercultural challenges of the respective target markets, training concepts were developed. At first project partners jointly developed target markets. Intercultural challenges in the respective countries were discussed. Furthermore, the existing services were listed and documented in the respective countries. Based on this, training concepts were created for the particular service elements of the prevailing companies. These concepts were subjected to a test, possible adaptions were made, and have been finally implemented into the respective organization. 
Short titleIndustrial Services – Training Concepts
Effective start/end date01.10.201531.03.2017


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