Industrial Services – Pricing Concepts

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The project ServPrice has been induced due to numerous developments of service features and their market potential. In the area of skill-intensive services, sales, cultural specific marketing, systematic management, the organizational integration of services and the establishment of service-culture constitute a great challenge for production plants in Upper Austria.

A lack of documentation leads to considerable difficulties in the fields of marketing and sales of services. Dubieties concerning the offered services from the sellers themselves, no consistent appearance of the marketing employees on the market plus no precise price calculations and lost profit potentials were main aspects.

At the beginning of the project all project partners were on the threshold of change from a cost centre to a profit centre. For this reason the central challenges of the companies were to document the services and to put a price on them. With the help of a corporately developed structured process to show and to develop services and by comparing customer, sales and expert interviews a hitherto-unprecedented added value for each single company has been produced.

Especially the findings in the fields of pricing, importance of services, essential service parameters for spare parts and trainings, and service innovation will be of great importance for the project participants and the industry in general in the future.

Short titleIndustrial Services – Pricing Concepts
Effective start/end date01.10.201531.12.2016


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