Europe 2038

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    How will Europe look like in 2038? What are the visions for a future Europe of young citizens today? What are their answers of today’s major societal challenges like ageing, financial crisis, clean energy, mobility/migration, freedom and security? Which measures do young citizens suggest to overcome terrorism and violence, inequalities and social exclusion, prejudice and discrimination? The present project seeks to answer these urgent questions. To begin with, a diverse range of young European citizens aged 15 to 25 will participate in a pan-European survey. The opinions of ethnic, religious and cultural minority young men and women who face various forms of discrimination and are marginalized in many European countries are of particular interest. Secondly, a series of national and international events will be organized for professionals and volunteers working with youth in several European countries. The goal is to empower and strengthen these multipliers to actively engage against violence, social exclusion, and discrimination. A diverse range of social media will be used to reach a large audience. Thirdly, a pan-European declaration will be formulated including the perspectives of the young citizens, the professionals and volunteers. The Declaration “Europe 2038” will be presented to EU representatives, including the President of the European Parliament. All events will be communicated in national and international media to foster social cohesion and future commitment of the young citizens towards the European Union.
    Short titleEurope 2038
    Effective start/end date01.01.201630.06.2016


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