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The project DiCoIN - Digitally Connected Industrial Network - has the goal of a large-scale digitization of industrial value chains. This primarily contains more intensive data and information exchange among the involved actors in the network - the industrial companies, their suppliers and the transport partners. Additionally, an automation and proactive decision support in the accompanying processes has to be defined. Industrial value chains and production processes are increasingly taking place in complex value-added networks, where hundreds of companies are involved at the same time. The coordination of such networks is not a trivial task, since material requirements, delivery times and availability as well as transport capacities have to be reconciled with one another, with the aim of ensuring the individual process reliability in view of disturbances and bottlenecks.

The two Upper Austrian ICT start-up companies Satiamo and Curecomp already serve a network of hundreds of suppliers and transport partners by simplifying or digitizing their processes. In the DiCoIN project, these processes will be further advanced and the existing scope of services of the platforms will be expanded by new digital services, innovative automation and decision support approaches. Together with selected industrial partners from various industries, the experimental implementation of a prototype for an ensured automatization process will be realized within the project.

In the project DiCoIN, a complete model of a digitized material preparation process will be developed. Digital delivery notes will be created, which represent the basis for the subsequent automated transport processing procedure. Based on predictive analytics, a risk-based process control of the material preparation process, which ensures compliance with process and delivery times, needs to be established. Human actor should only intervene in the process on the basis of ""management-by-exception"". Finally, the quality assurance in the process will be supported multimedially, e.g. to process complaints with a smartphone app.
Short titleDigitally Connected Industry Network
Effective start/end date01.10.201731.03.2019

Funding agency

  • Land Oberösterreich Innovatives OÖ2020


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