Digital government for green municipalities and cities

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Partners from Italy, Romania and Austria are working together with the lead partner from Slovakia. It is a Erasmus+ project.
DiGreen aims to provide professionals working in the municipality/city self-government public bodies and young citizens (students) with a framework to exchange knowledge and digital and green good practices. DiGreen will provide a crosscutting teaching and education DiGreen concept together with a multidimensional curriculum.
**DiGreen will facilitate the exchange among an international network of municipalities and cities, municipalities’ employees, universities, research institutions and communal practitioners on learning about green digital skills and other environmental and digital issues.
**The general objective of the DiGreen project is to establish a transnational collaboration between partners involved and apply innovative approaches for addressing their target groups.

**DiGreen has four specific objectives:
- Specific objective 1: To establish a network of universities, research institutions, municipalities and cities sharing common values regarding green and digital transformation.
- Specific objective 2: To establish a knowledge hub on digital and green agenda by collecting a database of good practice examples and producing easy-to-read handbooks on these topics.
- Specific objective 3: To identify digital skills needed in the participating countries and set up an appropriate curriculum.
- Specific objective 4: To identify existing knowledge level and awareness on the green European agenda and develop green sectoral skills strategies and methodologies.
Short titleDiGreen
Effective start/end date17.11.202101.11.2024


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