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DeNaLog is a qualification network focusing on the topics e-commerce, cyber security and smart factory. Within the four days basic modules and the nine two-day in-depth modules, logistics service providers’ employees have the opportunity to take a closer look at different topics such as information and communication technologies, powertrain technologies or vehicle systems.The aim of DeNaLog is to provide employees of logis-tics service providers with research-oriented knowledge and case studies (best practice) in the areas of sustainable transport chains and networks, "last mile", intermodal hubs, green and smart logistics, safe-ty and security, information and communication tech-nologies, powertrain technologies and vehicle systems.
Experts from universities and industry provide basic information and actual research findings. Real application examples will be used and possible approaches to solve logistics-related challenges in a very dynamic market will be discussed.
In addition to the direct impact of the gained knowledge for the own company, the qualification network "DeNaLog" promotes the exchange of experience and the cooperation of all participating partners and can consequently lead to further projects, especially in the field of sustainable digitalization and e-commerce logistics.
Short titleDeNaLog
Effective start/end date01.04.2021 → 31.03.2023

Funding agency

  • FFG R&D Competences for Industry


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