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Companies over and over are being pressurized to lowering their use of resources. Especially climate change made the green transformation of companies towards sustainable, circular, resource efficient operations in industry and SMEs face many challenges. As a green transformation needs to be implemented everywhere, a cross-border cooperation between companies, SMEs, research departments, stakeholder and policy maker is absolutely necessary.
The project team includes business support organizations and research institutions from Austria and Bavaria and offers an online knowledge transfer platform that supports companies in providing recommendations for action about the development and transformation paths for companies, SMEs and regions for succeeding in these challenges. Through that, the team implements theoretical knowledge by the research institutions and the BSOs support practical knowledge for developing solutions which are as close to reality as possible.
Through intense cooperation between science and economy, especially SME’s get insights into sustainable, circular business models and possibilities how to implement such in the own business. And additional benefit is the knowledge platform which serves not only as giving directions into further learning and extension of knowledge but also as a network and communications platform. An additional essential output of this project is the transfer of knowledge and the cross-border network of the involved target groups. This is done through the implementation of exchange formats like Policy meets Business and a Roadshow.
Short titleCircular Academy
Effective start/end date01.01.202331.12.2025

Funding agency

  • Interreg Bavaria – Austria 2021 to 2027


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