CAC_SuMeR - Czech-Austrian Center for Supracellular Medical Research (CAC_SuMeR)

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Within the interregional project Czech-Austrian Center for Supracellular Medical Research funded by the European Union we established a new facility regarding the production of blood vessel mimicking structures.

Currently, in the project two researchers are employed on the Austrian side. They work with a fast two-photon lithography printer that allows writing of polymer structures at so far non-established accuracies and velocities. These structures will be seeded with endothelial and muscle cells which finally build up the in-vitro blood vessel. This model system can then be used to study blood vessel mediated illnesses like atherosclerosis and transport processes across the blood-brain-barrier.

In total, 5 project partners from 2 countries are involved. Simultaneously, researchers in the Czech republic work on the biological characterization of the polymers and cellular structures.

More information about the project in german and czech language can be found here.
Short titleCAC_SuMeR
Effective start/end date01.10.201630.09.2019

Funding agency

  • Interreg - Austria-Czech Republic 2014-2020


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