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Automated transport and work operations e.g. on factory premises, airports or for service tasks have the potential to greatly enhance efficiency. Nevertheless, operational safety and
the ability to interact with humans and the environment require novel technologies allowing
for context awareness at a high granularity level. Hence, the goal of this project is to
develop, integrate and demonstrate key technology components enabling automated
transport and work operations. The targeted technologies are key elements within a
process from sensing to reasoning: (i) understanding the scene and its relations by modern
Machine Learning concepts, (ii) reliable and safe localization and mapping supported by
multiple modalities. Suitable system architectures, data processing platforms and
communication mechanisms will be investigated. The developed technology components
will be integrated into an automated utility platform for proof of concept and demonstrated at
the airport Linz and via a municipal work task using the project partner’s research platform. 
Short titleAutility
Effective start/end date01.10.201830.09.2021

Funding agency

  • ICT of the Future


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