AugmeNDT - Immersive Analytics of Spatial Multidimensional Data in Augmented Reality

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Non-destructive testing (NDT) plays an essential role in industrial production, especially in the field of material and component testing with regards to the analysis, visualization and optimization of novel, highly complex material systems such as fiber reinforced composites. Under the keyword "Industry 4.0", the trend towards digitalization is clearly recognizable here as well: Through new digitalization and analysis methods, tailor-made materials can now be developed, which facilitate the production of cost-efficient, function-oriented, highly integrated and lightweight components in the first place. Above all, imaging methods such as ultrasound (UT) or X-ray computer tomography (XCT) are currently being used to examine fiber composite materials. In addition to 2D images, the generated NDT test data include volumetric models and the high-dimensional data spaces derived from them. Often, they cannot be evaluated on desktop monitors using standard 2D visualization techniques, or only to a limited extent.

In order to reflect the inherent spatial structure of these highly complex, heterogeneous material systems from primary NDT data and to make high-dimensional data spaces of secondary NDT data comprehensible, novel techniques from the current research area of immersive analytics are therefore developed and analyzed in this project: The aim of the AugmeNDT project is therefore to explore new immersive visualization and interaction techniques for the effective analysis of various 2D, 3D and 4D primary NDT data as well as secondary NDT data derived from them. The focus is clearly on the development of a framework including visual metaphors for the immersive analysis of composite materials using Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. The detailed data representations developed in the course of the project will result directly in cost reduction, efficiency increase, increase of flexibility, quality and thus in a significant competitive advantage for companies in the region. A further declared goal of AugmeNDT is to develop a remote analytics platform, with which the analysis can be supported or guided at the place of use by a remote expert. Remote Analytics has a huge potential to generate strong cost reductions by eliminating the need for experts on site and thus enabling a much faster decision-making process. Since, according to the European Union, AR is one of the key technologies of industry 4.0, the development of an immersive analysis platform for the exploration of spatial, multi-scalar and multimodal NDT data in this project represents a very important step towards the realization of this ambitious goal.
Short titleAugmeNDT
Effective start/end date01.12.202030.11.2023

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