Alleine im Homeoffice? - Lonely home office? A "Systemic Personal Assistance Program" supports employees caught between isolation and overwhelming pressure.

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    The project "Alone in the Home Office" is funded by the Future Fund "Arbeit Mensch Digital" of AK Upper Austria. Predominant work in the home office develops new stress factors and anxieties as well as the disengagement of employees from personal and social networks. This is accompanied by new challenges to maintain relevant communication processes and to experience oneself as part of an organization. The project investigates these new challenges in cooperation with four companies and aims to produce adapted coaching approaches for employees in a participatory manner. Coaching modules and assistance offers will be developed in cooperation with the employees and works councils of the individual companies. The goal of the project is a comprehensive "Systemic Personal Assistance Program" for employees who work predominantly in the home office. Upon completion of the project, this assistance program will also be available to other interested companies.
    Short titleAlleine im Homeoffice?
    Effective start/end date07.07.202015.03.2021

    Funding agency

    • Future Fund of the Chamber of Labor Upper Austria


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