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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as in public administration is the goal of European, national and regional digitisation and innovation strategies. However, available data and experiences show that in the partner regions of this project (South Bohemia, Upper Austria and Vienna) the potential of AI is used much less than in other European and non-European countries, mainly in the field of R&D, only slightly in the context of large company processes. The territorial interconnection of the partner regions of the project reveals a number of existing economic and touristic, educational, social, ecological relations - also in public administration, but there are also a number of common obstacles for further development of the common territory, also in the case of introduction of new technologies and trends in the processes of SMEs and institutions operating in the border area. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in this context, as it is a megatrend in the field of digitisation and offers a number of new possibilities and opportunities, especially with regard to current global events. The aim of this project is to create a cross-border network of cooperating entities to (1) jointly identify opportunities for the practical use of AI, (2) find a suitable and effective application of this technology to optimise organisational processes, and (3) find ways to overcome existing obstacles to putting AI into practice. The results of the project will be realised on the basis of the initial analytical work which will lead to a cross-border roll-out of the strategic agenda with the aim of mutually supporting and accelerating the cross-border implementation of AI into business and institutional practice. AI Social Design Thinking Labs will be established on both sides of the border to support the realisation of the strategic agenda. The lab methodology will also include a discussion among participants on the responsible implementation and use of AI. As an accompanying tool to the lab concept, introductory educational modules will be developed targeting diverse audiences.
Short titleAI SDT-LAB
Effective start/end date01.09.202131.12.2022

Funding agency

  • Interreg - Austria-Czech Republic 2014-2020


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