3DPharmInStruc - Development of advanced structures via 3D-printing for pharmaceutical inserts and implants

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This project aims at building a scientific basis for the safe and efficient development of innovative insertable and implantable drug delivery systems (IDDS) comprising complex structures. A pharmaceutical 3D-printer is developed allowing for the processing of innovative pharmaceutical materials under the consideration of regulatory aspects. IDDS concepts are designed using novel custom-synthesized polymer systems, multi-material approaches and/or well-defined pore systems with the aim to broaden the IDDS application tremendously. Tailor-made test methods, including bio-relevant aspects, are established to accurately capture structure and release related IDDS properties and simulation models are generated to predict drug release as a function of the IDDS structure. Overall, combining 3D-printing, innovative material and structure concepts together with tailor-made test and simulation methods is a decisive step toward personalized IDDS.
Short title3DPharmInStruc
Effective start/end date01.03.202228.02.2025

Funding agency

  • Production of the Future


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