Smart Robotics - Magna Powertrain (Hunter platform)

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The "Smart Robotics" project is dedicated to the development of 5th generation AI-based robots that can act autonomously. These robots are characterized by advanced sensor technology, high processing power and the ability to make decisions independently. Their learning process is based on experience from the environment, allowing them to continuously adapt to new situations.

Areas of application range from health and care, training and education to logistics and industrial manufacturing. The main focus is on a mobile wheeled robot from Magna Powertrain.

The robot goes through a recurring cycle of perceiving, recognizing, deciding, acting and learning. This enables it to navigate autonomously through changing courses, read and implement instructions and carry out activities that are shown to it. The SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) enables orientation in new terrain.

As part of the project, the wheeled robot is to be equipped to meet the requirements of the 5th generation of robotics. The planned tasks include Smart Follow Me, visual navigation, adaptive routing, comprehensible AI and more. The specific tasks will be defined in collaboration with the project team.

The relevant topics include intelligent robotics, image processing (OpenCV), AI inference, AI frameworks such as OpenVINO, Tensorflow, Keras, software development and more.
Period1 Oct 20231 Jul 2024
Degree of RecognitionRegional