Modeling the Seebeck coefficient of GaAs in the limit of ballistic quantum transport

  • Hendorfer, G. (Speaker)
  • Karl-Heinz Greßlehner (Speaker)
  • Stefan Birner (Speaker)

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Several methods have been developed to determine the Seebeck coefficient for thermoelectric (TE) materials. In this work we investigate the Seebeck coefficient for n-GaAs within the limit of ballistic quantum transport. The ballistic quantum transport is calculated by the contact block reduction (CBR) method which is a very efficient variant of the nonequilibrium Green’s function formalism. A great advantage of the CBR method is, that we can calculate the Seebeck coefficient of inhomogeneous materials and structures including heterostructures, functionally graded thermoelectric materials (FGTM) and segmented materials self-consistently. The calculations were carried out for a bulk device geometry both for constant doping as well as graded doping with a linear carrier concentration gradient. The left side was taken as the cold and the right side as the hot side. The current is determined by calculating the two different electron distribution functions at the cold and hot contact.
Period22 Nov 2018
Event titleInternational Conference on Materials Physics and Materials Science
Event typeConference
LocationParis, FranceShow on map