Development of an universal HPLC-method for detection of a broad variety of food and feed ingredients

  • Weghuber, J. (Speaker)
  • Johannes Pitsch (Speaker)
  • Stefan Huemer (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentationOral presentation


HPLC methods for polar and semi-polar compounds are often limited to specific chemical substance classes or sample matrices. If more than one chemical compound group is of interest, more than one analytical method must be used. Utilisation of multiple methods or runs is a time-consuming endeavour or expensive due to parallelisation on multiple chromatographical devices. Easy and fast sample preparation procedure proved to be a key parameter for cost-efficient analytical methods. Charged aerosol detection (CAD) in combination with hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) enables the detection of a broad variety of compounds like carbohydrates, amino acids, fruit acids, monovalent ions and vitamins in one chromatographic run. No need for derivatisation in contrast to UV/Vis or fluorescence detection is necessary and no expensive deuterated standards as used in mass spectrometry are required. The established analytical method allows detection of carbohydrate polymers up to DP=14 as well as monomers with high resolution and sensitivity in liquid as well as solid samples. Depending on the substance, LOQs of <1 mg∙L-1 are achievable for carbohydrates as well as amino acids or monovalent ions. Screening of complex sample matrices is a key aspect for this method and used in food analysis for liquid and solid food samples. Beverages and bakery products have been successfully tested for their carbohydrate and amino acid composition. HILIC chromatography and CAD detection was combined in this analytical method to fit the needs of routine analysis in quality control as well as in food and feed research. Further compounds, like food contaminants and artificial sweeteners, are currently included in the analytical method and further increase the scope of applicability in food analytics.
Period17 Sept 2019
Event titleÖGMBT Meeting 2019
Event typeConference
LocationSalzburg, AustriaShow on map