Creative and artistic expression: making and consuming art as a human right- collective liability for society in times of migration and flight!

Activity: Talk or presentationInvited talk


In this work-shop it was pointed out, that making and consuming art in its various action fields is and should be respected as a human right. Art and creative expression is one of many ways to create aesthetic impression and expression. It is an anthropogenic way for expressing ourselves, for giving aesthetic impressions and expressing and evocating feelings such as fear, sorrow, anger, happiness and love but also thoughts and wishes, critics and visons for society and many more since we are Homo sapiens sapiens. In times of migration and flight we should discuss, besides many other basic human rights, about this special human right to be respected as a cultural, aesthetic, artistic and expressive being. In every culture art is produced and has an important meaning for society. When people have to flee and migrate, because of wars, political prosecution, bad socio-economic circumstances or individual threats, it should be respected that they have basic needs, which should be supplied and guaranteed. But furthermore this lecture will point out, that all people are equal in their cultural needs and should have access to artistic creative and cultural actions and cultural facilities.
Period6 Apr 2016
Held atXAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland