AI Inference: Intelligent Office and Classroom

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The project "AI Inference: Intelligent Office and Classroom" addresses challenges in conventional classrooms and offices where language barriers, unknown terms on presentation slides and hidden notes on the whiteboard lead to communication problems. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and various AI inference techniques in the Intelligent Classroom is intended to overcome these obstacles.

The tasks of the project include the development of an analysis for the context of lectures, presentations and conference situations using optical and acoustic sensor technology. The following functions are to be implemented in collaboration with the project team:

1. view into the auditorium:
- Number of people and list of participants
- Identification of missing listeners
- Friendship analysis of the audience

3. the lecture itself:
- Automatic transcription of the lecture
- Translation of the transcript into real-time subtitles
- Context-based augmentation

3. lecture slides or blackboard/whiteboard:
- Text recognition on slides
- Augmentation of terms with Wikipedia explanations
- Text recognition from handwriting on blackboard/whiteboard

4. the lecturer:
- Identification of the lecturer
- Gesture recognition of the presenter
- Extraction of the speaker from the camera image

The objective is to generate a new augmented image or video from the camera image and the audio track, which contains subtitles, statistical data, term definitions, and the lecturer's gestures.
Period1 Jun 202231 Dec 2023
Degree of RecognitionRegional