Using static analysis for knowledge extraction from industrial User Interfaces.

Bernhard Dorninger, Josef Pichler, Albin Kern

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Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) play an essential role in operating industrial facilities and machines. Depending on the range and variability of a manufacturer's product portfolio a huge library of GUI software may exist. This poses quite a challenge when it comes to testing or re-engineering. Static analysis helps to unveil valuable, inherent knowledge and prepare it for further analysis and processing. In our case at ENGEL Austria GmbH, we extract the internal structure of the GUI screens, their variants and the control system context they are used in, i.e. which PLC variables they access. In another step, we analyze the usage pattern of method calls to certain UI widgets. In this paper we show our approach to gain these information based on static analysis of existing GUI source code for injection molding machines.

PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 19 Nov. 2015


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