Trends in Real-time Traffic Simulation

Andreas Pell, Andreas Meingast, Oliver Schauer

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Traffic simulation models and software tools have been developed for the purpose of traffic modelling, planning and to analyse different strategies in traffic control during simulations. Traffic simulation models and tools are increasingly used in real-time for traffic management with the use of area-wide online traffic data. A comparison of 17 simulation software tools has been conducted by analysing scientific papers and technical specifications. An online survey with the focus on realized functionalities and planned improvements has been conducted together with traffic simulation tool developers and product managers. Particular emphasis was placed on the flexibility and adaptively of real-time simulation solutions in the context of heterogeneous road networks (urban, interurban, rural) and other special requirements in non-mainstream regions. It has become apparent that simulation software tools have many challenges in the application of simulating road conditions of complex heterogeneous road transportation networks and heterogeneous traffic with a small amount of real-time data.
Seiten (von - bis)1477-1484
FachzeitschriftTransport Research Procedia
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Juni 2017


  • Traffic Simulation Software
  • Advanced Traffic Management Systems
  • Heterogeneous Road Networks
  • Adaptability
  • Real-time


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