Although orthopedics is becoming increasingly important as a medical domain, especially in emerging countries, the level of
automation is still marginal and hardly any Industry 4.0 paradigms have been implemented. In this scientific work, solution concepts
for holistic process automation in orthopedics are introduced so that prosthetic covers and orthoses for different body regions can be
automated by using AI and evaluated with sensor networks. In this process, body scan models are adapted to the conditions of the
anatomy or prosthesis models, so that stability as well as fitting accuracy are given in comparison with the other half of the body.
Automation in the field of orthopedics leads not only to a significant reduction in costs but can also help to close the research gap
regarding objectifiability of results. The first partial aspects have already been successfully implemented for leg prostheses, arm
prostheses and shoe insoles with the aid of machine learning processes and physical models for elastic form fitting. As soon as the
overall process has been realized, the applicability will be validated in the following year of the project by means of clinical studies and
evaluated by utilizing sensor networks for pressure and temperature measurements.
PublikationsstatusAngenommen/Im Druck - Sep. 2023
VeranstaltungIWISH 2023 - International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare - Athen, Griechenland
Dauer: 18 Sep. 202320 Sep. 2023


KonferenzIWISH 2023 - International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare


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